Metro Vancouver web broadcasts of Board and committee meetings to start this year: Spokesman (BIV, 3-Feb-2012)

Business in Vancouver online today carried a story with new information about a topic important for us all. MetroVanWatch has for many months been calling upon elected officials in the entire region to urge Metro Vancouver to provide live and archived web video of all Board and committee meetings. On January 31, Vancouver councillor George Affleck made a motion calling for Vancouver City Council to formally request the same. Vision Vancouver councillors, who hold all six of Vancouver’s spots on the Metro Board, voted it down.

The right thing would have been to pass the motion and get this request on record. Internal discussions have been going on for years, apparently, at Metro Vancouver. It has been very convenient for the Metro bureaucracy to work quietly out of the public view — and the 2010 negotiations on the 30-year Regional Growth Strategy with virtually no public attention is a case in point.

Main points of the article follow:

  • Metro Vancouver spokesman Bill Morrell said that Metro Vancouver has plans to start broadcasting its meetings by year-end. [MetroVanWatch comment: This is the first public indication of which we are aware and it is good news.]
  • Morrell is quoted as saying, “Metro Vancouver has, on its work plan for 2012, the broadcasting of board and committee meetings and we are proceeding with that…While we haven’t got a date in mind at this juncture about when this will happen, it will definitely be happening this year.”
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3 Responses to Metro Vancouver web broadcasts of Board and committee meetings to start this year: Spokesman (BIV, 3-Feb-2012)

  1. I will be watching (ha ha) — like the rest of the citizens of Metro Vancouver — to see if they do in fact install the cameras this year. I hope so for all our sakes.


  2. Peter Duffey says:

    This letter has been copied to our MLA and MP.


    From: Peter Duffey []
    Sent: February 11, 2012 1:09 PM
    To: ‘’
    Cc: ‘’; ‘’
    Subject: FW: Freedom of Information

    In view of the lack of reply or even acknowledgement to my letter on the subject of Metro GVS & DD negotiations, and Mayor’s involvement, I wish to raise this subject at Delta Council level.


    From: Peter Duffey []
    Sent: February 11, 2012 1:02 PM
    To: ‘’
    Cc: ‘’
    Subject: Freedom of Information


    Obviously I am mistaken, as I had thought that the taxpaying public would be entitled to know what is intended with regard to the establishment of an International Freed Trade Zone in Canada. So far we do know that both the Federal and B.C. governments are pursuing this idea, but otherwise, despite approaches to them we seem unable to find out what is proposed or decided. Delta is one obvious site that could be a prime choice for such a Zone. The recent visit to China by Mr Harper implies that this was indeed part of the discussions. Perhaps this is another example of secret decisions that can affect our environment and financial situation in many ways. Seven months have passed since I sent a letter to Ottawa via our MP asking for information. Despite a reminder from her office the reply has been totally mute. There is a degree of similarity to the process that led to various port agreements during the TFN treaty negotiations, which were held behind closed doors. The impression that there is an agenda for South Delta is also reinforced by the continued secrecy surrounding the Metro negotiations with TFN and Delta with regard to the sewage and infrastructure for the proposed development of TFN lands.

    No doubt once decisions have been made there will be the usual “stakeholder” cosmetic ‘consultation’ processes. Surely it is time for all levels of government to come clean on their agenda for our area?

    Peter Duffey

    211 Morningside Drive

    Delta B.C. V4L2M3

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