Deadline today: Public comments on YVR jet fuel pipeline (and tank farm and tankers in the Fraser)

Today, 1-Feb-2012, is the deadline for public comments about the proposal about the Vancouver Airport Fuel Delivery Project, a an oil offloading facility on the south arm of the Fraser River. The online public comment form is here:
This is a proposal by a consortium of airlines represented by Vancouver Airport Fuel Facilities Corporation (VAFFC, VAPOR, a citizens’ group created in 2011 (Vancouver Airport Pipeline Opposition for Richmond has been rallying against the project and calling for sounder alternatives.
VAFFC held a public open house on January 28. At that time, VAPOR held a rally, which it says was attended by a hundred people outside the east Richmond Community Hall. Inside the Hall the VAFFC was trying to sell the idea of the new proposed pipeline locations  and “tried to not discuss the 80 million liter Jet Fuel Tank farm and the Marine facility for off loading Panamax tanker full of Jet Fuel.” The photo above shows MLA Linda Reid, and Richmond Councillor Johnston together with VAPOR members. The Province on Sunday Jan 29 carried a story quoting Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie saying “We are dead set in opposing it [pipeline].”
VAPOR representative Carol Day wrote MetroVanWatch, “we oppose the Jet Fuel terminal and Tank farm, not the pipeline, if it keeps right on going to the Cherry Point refinery in Washington state. We are asking for a federal environmental review and a promise from the VAFFC that there will be no Jet fuel  anywhere in the Fraser River Estuary.”
Media have covered the story. Here is one example:
We encourage people all over the region to study the issue and send in their comments TODAY.
Environment Canada’s Environmental Protection Operations wrote to the BC Environmental Assessment Office (Environment Canada Letter – Aug 17, 2011 (2)) dated 17-Aug-2011, concluding with the statement that, “Environment Canada remains concerned that while the high level of uncertainty regarding the potential impacts of acute and chronic spills of jet fuel to migratory birds and associated habitats is acknowledged, the proponent continues to contend that the Project would not result in the loss of any product to the Fraser River Estuary and, if product was released, a spill response plan would reduce the consequences to ‘acceptable levels’. At this time, Environment Canada does not have the same level of confidence as the proponent in a spill response plan to effectively and reliably protect the high ecological values and sensitivities of the Fraser River Estuary. In the absence of an improved understanding of the potential water quality and toxicological consequences in the event of a spill, Environment Canada advises that the ecological risks of the proposal remain too great…”
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