Vancouver Councillor wants Metro to broadcast meetings. Council motion coming Jan 31.

CKNW, MetroNews, and Vancouver 24 Hours are reporting that Vancouver’s NPA Councillor George Affleck will be tabling a motion on January 31 calling for Vancouver City Council to push Metro Vancouver to broadcast all of its board meetings.

MetroVanWatch applauds this effort, as we believe the lack of public access to Metro Vancouver processes may have resulted in inefficient use of taxpayer money, and decisions pushed through without adequate public consultation, including the 30-year Regional Growth Strategy adopted in July 2011. Metro’s corporate secretary and communications department responded to our questions weeks ago saying that internal discussions about live and archived web video streaming have been ongoing for years. But upon further questioning for details we’ve received no reply. We know that Metro Vancouver has the capacity for web video and all social media. Simply observe how extensively they used these tools in outreach meeting last year on topics like sustainability.

Five Vision Vancouver councillors and Mayor Robertson have claimed all six Metro Board posts representing the citizens of Vancouver, and Clr Raymond Louie is the new Vice-Chair of the Board. Non-Vision members of council last year reported that Vision did not share critical information and documents with them during regional negotiations on the RGS. Greater transparency is clearly needed at the Metro Vancouver level.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Write to support this motion. We will post the link when the text is made public. We invite you to cc us at for a copy.


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