Metro Vancouver committee members, meeting dates, agenda now online

Yesterday, the Metro Vancouver website posted downloadable files showing who has been selected to be on the various committees, as well as planned dates for all board and committee meetings in 2012. Interested individuals may find it useful to review the lists, particularly to see which officials are representing which municipalities on the committees. This may help with future communications between the public and Metro Vancouver. The link is here:

As of 4 pm today, the agenda for Jan 13 is also available for download from Metro Vancouver here. Items include adoption of 2012 Board regular meeting dates for the year, appointments to external agencies (among them the Agricultural Advisory Committee – Harold Steves, Flood Control and River Management – Barnes/Harris/Reid, Fraser Basin Council – Walton/Steele, International Centre for Sustainable Cities – Derek Corrigan, Lower Mainland Local Government Association – Raymond Louie, and Municipal Finance Authority, Regional Parks Forum – Gayle Martin, and Western Transportation Advisory Council – Greg Moore). Page RD-27 of the agenda has an excellent summary of the roles of each of these external agencies — useful for anyone who wishes to understand how things work and who does what in the Metro Vancouver region.

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