MetroVanWatch congratulates new Metro Vancouver chair Greg Moore (Port Coquitlam Mayor), vice-chair Raymond Louie (Vancouver, Councillor) chosen today, looks forward to greater transparency, accountability

[Updated 19-Dec-2011] The word is out that the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors chose its new chair to be Greg Moore (Port Coquitlam Mayor) and vice-chair Raymond Louie (Vancouver, Councillor) at the 9 am board meeting on December 16. We congratulate them on their new positions, and look forward to seeing them support public engagement over the next three years. We hope to see early announcements about introducing live and archived web video of all board and committee meetings. We hope Metro Vancouver will host a meaningful public meeting within the next few months regarding the Regional Growth Strategy. And much, much more. But most of all, today, congratulations. Initial media coverage is listed below.

A Metro Vancouver press releasefrom December 16 says that Directors elect a Chair and Vice Chair for a one-year term by secret ballot each December, to lead the regional body of 24 local governments. Also, Abbotsford is a member of Metro Vancouver for the parks function only, so its Directors do not participate in the elections for the Chair and Vice Chair.

Official biographies
Greg Moore:
Raymond Louie:

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