Heads up: Metro Vancouver “Ecological Health Action Plan” (EHAP), public input needed now

MetroVanWatch has learned that Metro Vancouver is seeking input on its draft “Ecological Health Action Plan” (EHAP), through an open house on August 9, a webinar on August 11, and written input. What is “ecological health,” why is it important, what do people think about Metro Vancouver’s plan, and how does it relate to the new 30-year Regional Growth Strategy bylaw? Below is info from Metro Vancouver, link to media coverage, and some commentary received (more is welcome).
First, an intro from the Metro Vancouver website: Ecological health reflects the essential link between human health and well-being and the health of the natural environment. Healthy, properly functioning natural systems are the foundation to the region’s economic prosperity, our collective quality of life and personal well-being. We rely on nature to provide a wide range of services, including the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat….The draft EHAP reviews how ecological health has been incorporated into Metro Vancouver’s regional plans and strategies and identifies a set of short-term actions clearly within Metro Vancouver’s mandate that will contribute to the ecological health of the region. The draft EHAP describes four overarching areas of opportunity for improving ecological health and 15 introductory projects. The proposed projects represent investments in maintaining and improving the services provided by nature in the region.

Opportunities to Engage
The EHAP was released for public comment on July 12, 2011. Metro Vancouver seeks input until August 15.

  • Open House: Tuesday (August 9) from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Metro Vancouver’s head office (4330 Kingsway, Burnaby).
  • Webinar – August 11, 12:30 – 1:30 (sign up online)
  • Feedback is also being accepted by mail, fax, or email until August 15
  • More info: ecologicalhealth@metrovancouver.org

Link to the official Metro Van pages:

Download the EHAP Draft:


by MetroVanWatch (Please e-mail citizenYVR@gmail.com to offer your comments.)

  • The EHAP draft is just more of the same. Another justification for densification, implementation of the RGS, and to renovate Metro Van offices in Burnaby as well as Metro’s rental stock. The whole premise is ridiculous. They talk about preserving green spaces, but the RGS weakens the protection of the green areas including agricultural lands, eliminates the Green Zone, and makes it easier to convert agricultural and conservation lands that are adjacent to the Urban Containment Boundaries into industrial and potentially housing development. What is the point of promoting urban agriculture when the Agricultural Land Reserve is weakened to make way for non-farm construction and development. The ALR is where we should be growing wheat, not on urban lawns. West Vancouver has policies under the RGS that will likely result in redevelopment of the entire south face of the mountains all the way to the parks and watershed. West Van forests should be preserved as a carbon sink, but the West Van Mayor is campaigning on EcoDensity! This is just another of Metro’s planning processes, like food security and agricultural plans, in order to divert people’s attention from the RGS.
  • Help us think out loud. Send in your comments to share with others via MetroVanWatch, by e-mail to citizenYVR@gmail.com.
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