MVW report of Metro Vancouver Board meeting, 29 July 2011

[Update 2 pm, 2-Aug-2011] MetroVanWatch will be gradually adding material and analysis here to report on the important Metro Vancouver Board meeting on July 29, 2011.  Twitter:!/digitalmonk1. For full agenda, go to See short (RGS) and full meeting (5 hours) YouTube video below. The full DVD is available upon special arrangement. CityHallWatch provides some more extensive analysis of the content of this meeting, here.

Among major topics for discussion were:

  • Adoption of the 30-year Regional Growth Strategy
  • Huge tax increases (33% in the next five years)
  • Translink taking up 40% of all municipal debt in BC
  • Increasing the debt ceiling floor by $700 million
  • A 2 cent per litre tax levy, potential diluting of the 2 cent per litre tax levy
  • $1 billion in additional expenditures, and potential ‘public consultation’ by Translink in the middle of the summer (August) for 30 days on the impacts of these changes
  • Changes to the board voting structure




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