CityCaucus blog today: “Metro Vancouver: Unaccountable, Unelected, Uninspiring”

Today the CityCaucus blog today (July 14, 2011) features the Metro Vancouver organization and raises some interesting points. This month, Metro Vancouver rushes to push through the Regional Growth Strategy by trying to force the last holdout to accept it. Coquitlam Council met behind closed doors on July 11 to discuss the outcome of negotiations with Metro Vancouver, described elsewhere on this website.

ACTION: It is becoming increasingly clear that citizens need to pressure all elected officials in this region and in Victoria to make Metro Vancouver more accountable. If not, we and future generations will pay a high price. A first step is to require that all board and committee meetings be video streamed live by Internet and archived. Direct election of representatives also needs attention. And during the civic election, citizens should ask candidates what they will do to fix Metro Vancouver.  Selected points of the CityCaucus article are below.

  • Metro Vancouver is a massive unelected (and therefore unaccountable) governing body, comprised of 37 mayors and councillors.
  • Budget increased by 6.5 per cent this year.
  • The top bureaucrat at Metro Vancouver received $312,676 in salary last year.
  • Capital and operational budget of just more than $1 billion in 2010.
  • Citizens don’t directly vote for the politicians who end up running the Metro Vancouver board. Members are appointed by their local council. [MetroVanWatch note: All six directors from Vancouver are from Vision Vancouver, which we understand does not share critical information adequately with non-Vision members.]
  • Coquitlam city Councillor Lou Sekora last week introduced a motion asking the City of Coquitlam to hold a referendum about whether it’s time (again) to elect politicians to Metro Vancouver. Motion did not pass.
  • Full article on CityCaucus is here.
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