Initial report, Metro Board vs Coquitlam dispute resolution, Day 4 (July 5, 2011)

(This version with documents added, 11:30 pm, July 6. Subject to further verification and editing. Video and further analysis coming soon.)

Day 4 of the non-binding dispute resolution process was held on July 5, 2011 (noon to 5 pm) in the Metro Vancouver Board Room.

MetroVanWatch comment: We express appreciation to Minister Ida Chong for instructing the two parties to make these meetings open to the public. People who review the video, commentary, and documents arising in this dispute resolution process will realize how complex and immensely important these issues are for the future of citizens, our cities, and our entire region. And they will realize the extent to which public oversight was excluded from the process of developing of details of the Regional Growth Strategy.  Coquitlam has identified serious concerns about the RGS. We believe that even more issues exist that the Metro Board and staff have missed or chosen to avoid, and have witnessed first-hand how public involvement was stifled or prevented.



  • Deal reached to pass Metro growth strategy (Jeff Nagel, Surrey Leader, 6-July-2011), link here. (Note: We have written to author suggesting the heading be corrected to convey things more accurately by saying “Tentative deal reached…”)
  • Plans must pay more than lip-service to sustainability (Letter to Editor, Tri-City News, 4-July-2011), link here.

Below is video of meeting, thanks to volunteer videographer and to Chatterbox Films.

By the end of the meeting, an agreement-in-principle was reached between the stakeholders that contains a timeline for both Metro and Coquitlam to finalize wording of a document and also to bring it before Coquitlam City Council and the Metro Vancouver Board for approval. Metro had provided a written document to Coquitlam at about 5 pm the previous Thursday. Metro wants everything handled by July 29, as the Board is not scheduled to meet for the remainder of the summer. In a written response, Coquitlam’s representatives presented five points in a reply to Metro (during discussions a few minor modifications were made). The meeting was suspended for four separate “caucus” meetings during the day, when one party or the other went away for its own private discussion before coming back and continuing with the formal meeting. MetroVanWatch will carry more analysis and materials when ready.

The text of the agreement-in-principle is as follows:

Metro Vancouver and Coquitlam agree to the essence of the proposals listed above, subject to Board and Coquitlam Council approval. Metro Vancouver will draft a procedures bylaw and resolution to give effect to the above actions, with the intent to review this within 5 years. Coquitlam will draft an Implementation Agreement or appropriate vehicle reflecting the tentative agreements reached on July 5,2011, and bring this forward to Coquitlam Council on July 11,2011. Metro Vancouver will bring forward a procedures bylaw and resolution as well as language around the level of commitment for Items 1and 2 for the Board on July 15,2011. This language will be provided to Coquitlam by July 8, 2011. Coquitlam will bring forward the Implementation Agreement (or appropriate agreement) and RGS for Council consideration, tentatively on July 18, 2011 or alternately, July 25, 2011. Metro Vancouver will bring forward the RGS for final consideration on July 29, 2011. All dates are subject to the best efforts of the parties.

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