Initial report of Metro Board vs Coquitlam dispute resolution, Day 3 (June 29, 2011)

Below is a citizen’s initial report of Day 3 of the public, non-binding dispute resolution process by which the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors is attempting to force Coquitlam City Council to accept the 30-year Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy (RGS), as reported elsewhere on MetroVanWatch. All of this is subject to confirmation and more information will be added as soon as possible. The next and final scheduled meeting will from noon to 5 pm on Tuesday, July 5. What happens next is subject to further discussions between the parties. Video of the meeting is here ( Please e-mail to request an audio file.

Initial mini-report of Metro Van vs Coquitlam RGS dispute resolution meeting on the Regional Growth Strategy
Day 3 (29 June 2011)

Location: Metro Vancouver Board Room, Burnaby
Meeting went from 1 pm to 5 pm.

  • Tone of discussion was quite heated at times. Speaking for Metro Vancouver, Richmond Mayor Brodie indicated outright that the Metro Board would NOT entertain any changes to the text of the RGS. Mayor Stewart of Coquitlam indicated that it would be difficult to continue, but the meeting did continue.
  • One of several points of contention is Coquitlam’s desire for actual text of the RGS to be changed to permit a five-year review of the RGS. Mayor Stewart reportedly said that he would never counsel any client to enter into a thirty-year agreement.
  • Very few people were in the audience, perhaps five but less than ten. Some appeared to be Metro staff.
  • No media reporters appeared to be present. The media section was empty.
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