Victoria to Metro Van: Seek non-binding dispute resolution with Coquitlam on RGS

This article appeared online in the Vancouver Sun.
Metro Vancouver regional growth strategy tied up once again
(Vancouver Sun, 1 May 2011) Selected excerpts are below. Read full article here: .

Metro Vancouver’s long-awaited regional growth strategy looks like it could be delayed again. 

  • The province has declared that the regional district must seek a 60-day non-binding resolution process to resolve concerns with the of Coquitlam, which means the process could become a political hot potato ahead of municipal elections in November.
  • Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan, who had pushed to have binding arbitration to deal with the issue, warns the move could place the plan in jeopardy because it will be placed in the hands of new councils and board members. Even if Metro reaches agreement with Coquitlam, the plan must be sent back to municipalities for another 60-day approval process….
  • …But Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart said the plan isn’t consistent across the region and gives too much control to the Metro Vancouver board.

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