Straight (April 7): Metro Van wants province to force Coquitlam to accept RGS

“Metro Vancouver wants province to force Coquitlam to accept Regional Growth Strategy” (Georgia Straight, 7-April-2011, by Elizabeth Murphy).

Excerpt: Metro Vancouver’s Regional Growth Strategy is on hold because Coquitlam’s non-acceptance has triggered the dispute resolution process. Coquitlam has requested a voluntary resolution process as allowed under legislation to address their reasons for not accepting the plan, but the region’s bureaucrats under Metro Vancouver’s chief administrative officer, Johnny Carline, are recommending to the Metro Vancouver board that the province immediately force a binding resolution.

There is a Metro Vancouver staff report to be debated by the Metro board on Friday (April 8.) at 9 a.m. That report outlines the results of the municipal acceptance process and the recommended next steps.

Coquitlam’s objections, which triggered the dispute resolution, are broad. They include many of the valid concerns raised by other municipalities, however, those concerns were not made conditions precedent by those other municipalities, the way Coquitlam has done.

The issues include governance, the transfer of land use authority, and the lack of details regarding the legal, administrative, and financial cost implications for Metro Vancouver and member municipalities arising from implementation of the RGS, including Metro Vancouver’s role in land use planning. Coquitlam also requests that …

Full article is here.


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