Globe and Mail covers RGS controversy

“B.C. urged to intervene in impasse over anti-sprawl plan,” by France Bula (Globe and Mail, 6-Apr-2011).  Excerpt: With Metro Vancouver’s anti-sprawl plan in the deep freeze because of opposition from Coquitlam, the region’s bureaucrats are urging the province to step in immediately to force a resolution...Metro Vancouver chief administrator Johnny Carline even suggests, in a blunt report that will be debated by regional politicians on Friday, that Coquitlam has such profound objections to the plan that it appears to be opposing the concept of the province’s regional-planning laws…
Full article is online here, interestingly, accompanied by a video interview of planner Larry Beasley on how Canada should lead the world in combatting urban sprawl, here.

MetroVanWatch comment: The article’s title describes the RGS as an  “anti-sprawl plan.” In fact, the opposite is true, as described elsewhere on this site. The RGS actually promotes urban sprawl, and threatens agriculture and green space, besides the many other problems with it. There were many problems with the process of consultation and development of the RGS, as described on this website. At the very least, the citizens of Coquitlam, and in fact, all citizens in the region, deserve to see a fair discussion, not the “big stick” of binding arbitration. This is not the way to adopt a land-use governance policy of such great importance and with a time span of nearly 30 years.


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