Vision Vancouver Council voted to accept RGS today

Vision Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, together with Clrs Reimer, Meggs, and Jang today using their absolute majority to pass a vote to accept the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy (Vision Clrs Deal, Louie, and Stevenson were away on leaves of absence). Votes against were by Clrs Cadman (opposed because the RGS attacks the Green Zone and other reasons) and Clr Anton (problems with the RGS relating to industrial lands in Vancouver). Clr Woodsworth was also away. All five speakers from the public were opposed to the RGS, some calling for independent analysis of its impacts on the environment/greenspace, agriculture, legal, governance, and civic finance matters. A submission from the Urban Development Institute was reportedly against the RGS. All comments were essentially ignored. Staff could not satisfactorily counter Clr Cadman’s analysis that the new voting structure under the RGS lowers the bar and will ease the removal of protected land from green space and farmland protection. Today’s vote was a historic test for Vancouver’s commitment to being a green city. MetroVanWatch will continue to analyze and follow up in the future, as problems with the RGS will not going to go away. They are likely to come to the fore as implementation begins. One question the public should ask is why the mainstream print media in particular have failed to pick up on the importance of the RGS. (Local papers have indeed picked it up, with cogent arguments in Surrey, Richmond, the North Shore, and so on.) In time, the dust will settle, they will break their virtual silence on the RGS, and by their story angles, more may become clear. MetroVanWatch will continue to track the key moments in the RGS process of this most important policy ever produced by Metro Vancouver.

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Citizens concerned about public benefits arising from decisions at Vancouver's City Hall.
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