Alert: Surrey Council to discuss RGS today 7 pm

Just before 10:30 am today, February 28, 2011, with the delay blamed on a computer glitch, the City of Surrey website posted the agenda for today’s council meeting. The adoption of the Regional Growth Strategy is on the agenda. One wonders how interested citizens would be able to participate in such critical civic decisions on such short notice. The RGS is the most important document ever produced by Metro Vancouver. The public hearing starts at 7 pm. MetroVanWatch spoke with one of the region’s top reporters on Metro Vancouver issues, a reporter with the Surrey Leader, just a few hours before the meeting. He was completely unaware that the RGS had been put on the agenda.

Council live video stream to watch your elected officials at work: Here is the staff report on the RGS: Surrey staff report on RGS, for 28Feb2011_R038. Below are e-mail addresses.

Please let the mayor Diane Watts and council know that they should reject the RGS or at least get an extension to enable a full public discussion of the RGS. Its most important aspects took concrete form long after the public consultation happened and the public hearing was poorly advertised and poorly attended. It is unacceptable for such an important document to go before our elected officials, with virtually no advance notification, and no public scrutiny or input.

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Citizens concerned about public benefits arising from decisions at Vancouver's City Hall.
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