Council roundup for Monday, Feb 21 (Richmond, West Van)

To be updated…but for now, here is an initial report.  Four municipalities discussed the RGS today.
Report from Richmond, link is here. Excerpt: “No vote, Big obfuscation, Small win… city staff wanted to approve the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy bylaw….No vote is good. It means that the mayor gauged which way the winds were blowing and knew the resolution would be defeated….City staff spoke first, and the usual obfuscation came out…Unfortunately the mayor showed that he still doesn’t “get it.” He will now try to get majority support for an approach with no upside and huge downside before the bylaw has to come to a vote. So the victory is small, but we won’t be choosy about wins.

Report from West Vancouver: Link to our presentation is here. No vote was made tonight. About 6 speakers spoke on the RGS, five against accepting the current version, and one with qualified support. Planning staff referred to a letter from Metro Vancouver suggesting that West Vancouver would maintain control of decisions, but it turned out later that the letter was not part of the package received by Council, and not part of the public record. Concerns were raised about the costs of the RGS to West Vancouver taxpayers covering rising infrastructure costs elsewhere in the region. It was clarified that West Van should immediately clarify a number of points in the RGS (relating to protected lands, Special Study Areas, etc.), and that if it didn’t handle these steps by a deadline (about March 16), Metro Vancouver would deem West Vancouver to have accepted the RGS. A more complete report and follow-up correspondence will come soon.

Langley City: Report pending.

Belcarra: Report pending.


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