Sign this petition on the RGS

Please read below. If you agree, please send an e-mail to with your name, e-mail address, municipality, and organization (if any) We also welcome comments and suggestions.We will tally the names and present them to Metro Vancouver Mayors and Councillors at the best moment.

Whereas, the RGS — the Regional Growth Strategy for Metro Vancouver — has had a seriously flawed process and has major problems. These problems include the lack of green zone protections of agricultural and conservation lands, the transfer of  municipal land use authority to the region, and the role of TransLink.

Therefore, we urge all Mayors and Councillors to NOT accept the RGS.

Instead seek an extension of the acceptance process, and initiate a more detailed review , involving the public, to address all the critical problems with the RGS in each municipality.


About cityhallwatch

Citizens concerned about public benefits arising from decisions at Vancouver's City Hall.
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One Response to Sign this petition on the RGS

  1. Peter Duffey says:

    Why has Johnny Carline, the bureacracy and the Metro Board produced an RGS that will allow the destruction of the North Shore Mountains? Questionable assumptions of population growth have been used in capitulation to the development industry at the expense of livability. No wonder the name has been changed from Livable Regional Strategy. The process of consulation took a long time, but many public objections have been ignored. This seems to be the usual result of such processes, which at times appear to be merely cosmetic.

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