Double failure of Metro Van today: Test of (1) democracy and (2) information

A CityHallWatch delegation attended the Metro Vancouver Regional Planning Committee today at 9 am, prepared to speak if called upon, though we knew our right to present had been wrongly revoked. We consider today a test case for Metro Vancouver, an organization to which our elected officials are about to give much more power over land use decisions as part of the Regional Growth Strategy. But Metro Van failed on two counts today.

  • First, democracy. The meeting chair claimed that legislation prohibited our delegation from presenting as the RGS is still in the Public Hearing process (on YouTube here and here). We believe this to be incorrect, and will pursue this point. Committee member Reimer asked for the rules to be stated in writing by Metro Vancouver.
  • Second, information. The Metro Van staff again failed to answer the question we wished to address: “Is the urban containment boundary as it pertains to West Vancouver consistent with the current build-out limit at the 1200 foot level?” We believe this question was not correctly answered today.

This double failure of Metro Vancouver today does not bode well for the people of this region. We will report more in due course.


About cityhallwatch

Citizens concerned about public benefits arising from decisions at Vancouver's City Hall.
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