CityHallWatch response to Metro letter to Mayors and Councillors

Download: Metro Van Councils, CityHallWatch response to Laglagaron ltr, 17-Feb-2011

Dear Mayors and Councillors of Metro Vancouver,
On February 16, Metro Vancouver’s Acting Chief Administrative Officer, Delia Laglagaron, sent you a letter addressing three issues that have been raised, in large part by and, and other groups. You may also know that, citing rules (which our legal advise has already discounted — please see website) relating to the public hearing process, Metro Vancouver has revoked our right to speak to the Regional Planning Committee on February 18th to set the record straight on the issues of urban sprawl we believe the Regional Growth Strategy will permit in West Vancouver.

There are many unresolved issues with the RGS and we believe that Metro Vancouver is unwisely rushing the approval process for this 30-year policy which is so critical to land use decisions in our region.

Metro Vancouver’s revocation of our right to present independent specialists’ opinions gives great cause for concern for the future of this organization. We believe a better system of checks and balances is needed.

With no chance to present our information to the Regional Planning Committee, we have decided to write you directly with our response to yesterday’s message from Ms. Laglagaron, as attached below. This is also available on, along with much more information expressing serious concerns about the RGS and the process being used to adopt it.

We respectfully invite you to review these materials, and urge you to engage in meaningful discussion with citizens in your own municipality based on the current draft of the RGS, about the impacts of the RGS, before making any decision to accept it.

Respectfully yours,
Randy Helten,, and

Attached in PDF: Full letter, with images, maps, and annotated response to Metro Vancouver letter.



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Citizens concerned about public benefits arising from decisions at Vancouver's City Hall.
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