Municipalities MAY request more time for RGS ratification

We are hearing that some municipalities are getting into detailed discussions, rightly so, regarding the many impacts of Metro Vancouver’s Regional Growth Strategy. We have also just learned that if a municipality requires more time to get all the required information and opinions, and conduct further analysis, they ARE able to seek an extension of the 60-day ratification period (which we believe now goes until about March 19). There is no reason to rush through this important process to accept a document supposed to guide growth for the next thirty years, and we believe Metro Vancouver should not rush the elected officials in any municipality through this process. Below is the specific text of the relevant legislation.

Section 25 of the Local Government Act outlines the legislation around Regional Growth Strategies.

Acceptance by affected local governments required

857 (4) After receiving a proposed regional growth strategy under subsection (3), each affected local government must

(a) review the regional growth strategy in the context of any official community plans and regional growth strategies for its jurisdiction, both those that are current and those that are in preparation, and in the context of any other matters that affect its jurisdiction, and

(b) subject to an extension under section 858 (3), within 60 days of receipt either

(i)  accept the regional growth strategy, or

(ii)  respond, by resolution, to the proposing board indicating that the local government refuses to accept the regional growth strategy.

Resolution of anticipated objections

858 (1) Before the end of the 60 days referred to in section 857 (4) (b), the facilitator may require the proposing board and the affected local governments to identify any issues on which they anticipate that acceptance may not be reached.

(2) If an issue is identified under subsection (1),

(a) the facilitator may require the proposing board and the affected local governments to send representatives to a meeting convened by the facilitator for the purpose of clarifying the issues involved and encouraging their resolution, and

(b) the proposing board and the affected local governments must provide information as requested by the facilitator and must otherwise cooperate with the facilitator in fulfilling his or her responsibilities.

(3) For the purposes of this section, the facilitator may extend the period for acceptance or refusal under section 857 (4) (b) before or after the end of that period.



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