Urban Development Institute (UDI) presentations on the RGS

We have noted earlier that UDI describes the RGS as the most important document ever produced by Metro Vancouver. On February 1, 2011, UDI held a breakfast meeting attended by 250 Councillors, developers, planners, municipal officials,  and consultants. A presentation by Peter Kenward of law firm Clark Wilson is summarized on the UDI website, and his entire presentation is available for download. We attended the meeting, and observed that some players in industry are not exactly enthusiastic about the RGS, and that it is being rushed through too prematurely. Some excerpts from the UDI summary of his presentation:

  • Rather than the advancing of those goals, the main effect of the proposed RGS would seem to be the addition of a significant layer of required Metro approvals, the scope of which could be expected to increase over time
  • The RGS provided that Metro could change the designation of lands in a municipality over the objections of that municipality.
  • Vancouver already had one of the least affordable housing markets in the world, relative to average household employment earnings, and the RGS [does] not appear to significantly address the factors that lead to that.
  • The Business Council of BC has commented that the RGS [is] largely oblivious to the critical importance of the region’s gateway economy, and insensitive to competitiveness, the cost of doing business, and the need for regulatory efficiency.
  • His presentation indicates that the RGS will likely fail to achieve some of its own stated objectives. Read the PDF document for details.
Jim McIntyre, General Manager of Planning and Development for Coquitlam, an

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